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IKEA Bedroom Makeover

We called in our friends at IKEA Canada to transform one homeowner's tired bedroom into a completely calm and peaceful retreat.

Create a Coral Tween Oasis

Growing up and stuck in a bedroom funk that needs a dynamic upgrade? Here’s how to transform your bedroom into a tween oasis.

Budget-Friendly Loft Inspired Bedroom

Decorating on a budget? Learn how to create a bohemian retreat for less than $750.

A Chic Tween Bedroom

Designer Tara Fingold shows us her take on a chic but girly tween bedroom.

Shop Your Home: Bedroom Makeover

You don't need to spend a bundle to make over a room in your house. In fact, you don't have to spend anything at all.

Plantation-Inspired Bedroom Retreat

Create a relaxed, romantic and classic feel with a plantation-inspired bedroom retreat.

Spring Fever Sex

Spring has sprung but it's not just flowers that are blossoming. Our sexologist Robin Millhausen explains how our sex drives blossom too! People have a lot of sex in the spring! A study of birth rates in northern climates found...

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