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3 Loofah Sponge DIYs

You can use loofahs for more than just scrubbing your body in the shower! Here are three simple DIYs.

IKEA Bathroom Makeover: 15 Years In The Making

A couple gets the IKEA bathroom makeover they've been waiting years for.

IKEA Bathroom Makeover

Watch as IKEA Canada takes a bathroom from drab to luxurious.

Trays Three Ways

Trish Johnston shows us ways to dress up simple trays for different rooms in the house.

One Bathroom Two Ways

The only thing you need to create a truly unique bathroom is your imagination. Start with the basics, and everything else will fall into place. Here, Sarah Keenleyside shows us her take on a traditional shaker style vanity with two...

Bathroom Organization Tips

In this edition of Life Made Easy, we're showing you easy tips and tricks to keep your bathroom organized, from the perfect towel-folding technique to how to decoratively store your bathroom tissue. Download ( 'http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/" ) Flash Player to view...

Three Uses for Glycerin

Our Frugalista is a pro at stretching one product into many applications. She loves keeping a bottle of vegetable glycerin at home because it can be used to make lots of things that will save you trips to the store....

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