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4 Fun Ways to Package Holiday Baking

'Tis the season for holiday baking! Wrap up your treats and give them as gifts with these chic DIYs.

Peggy K’s Baking Substitutes

Don't want to use sugar or butter while baking? Make healthier choices with Peggy's easy baking substitutes!

4 Helpful Uses for Wax Paper

Wax paper has more than one good use in the kitchen! To prove it, take a look at these helpful ways we demonstrated for Life Mad

Dulce de Leche Banana Bread

We love the sweet caramel flavour of dulce de leche swirled in a classic banana bread, as in this recipe by Chef Rosa Maria Tortorici. Look for dulce de leche in the international or baking sections in your grocery store....

Three Great Uses for Freezer Bags

There are hundreads of ways to use freezer bags, but we wanted to share three of our favourite clever uses to make life a little easier. 1. Conserve space in your freezer Put meat, sauce, soup, and any other food...

Baking Prep in a Snap

When baking, room temperature ingredients are key! Ingredients at room temperature combine smoothly and trap air better than those that are cold. Then when you bake the air expands, giving you light, airy, evenly baked goodies. Cold ingredients don't...

Life Made Easy: Banana Tips

Bananas are the #1 selling fruit world wide! They outsell apples and oranges and have no fat, cholesterol or sodium. In another installment of Life Made Easy, we show you how to ripen bananas for eating and baking, in addition...

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