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Simple Stability Ball and Resistance Band Stretches

Stretch your body with these simple ball and band workout that you can do at home.

Skip the Gym! Home Workouts That Don’t Feel Like Work

Five fun ways to exercise at home!

Life Made Easy: Gym Bag Essentials

You'll thank yourself for throwing these handy essentials into your own gym bag!

10 Ways Season Six Sizzled

It must be true what they say — time flies when you're having fun. Season six has been so jam-packed with fabulous guests and laughs it feels only right to run down just a few of the many ways we...

Spring Into a New Workout

Searching for some new moves to incorporate into your workout routine this spring? Then look no further than our resident fitness experts Assata McKenzie, Sarah Robichaud, and Jana Webb, who've got great — and fun — ideas for everyone. Hula...

Jazzercise the Calories Away

Fitness expert Assata McKenzie is paying homage to the 60s trend that sparked every group fitness class we take to date — jazzercise! Throw on your sweatbands and your favorite piece of spandex, and start burning those calories....

Full Body Foam Roller Workout

Our fitness expert Assata McKenzie shows us a full body workout using the light-weight foam roller. Foam rollers are used by many athletes and physical therapists to help stretch and relieve tight muscles. This is a great workout you can...

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