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A Serene (And Trendy!) Bedroom For A New Mom

Dav and her husband have two little girls under the age of two — which means their bedroom can be a bit of a hot mess.

Beautiful Ways to Design with Second-Hand Finds

This room was put together by beautiful second-hand items.

Dino DIYs for a Kid’s Bedroom

Simple and fun to make, these DIYs add a lot of character to a kid's bedroom!

Peggy K’s Design Dilemma Solved

When nutritionist Peggy K decided to tackle decorating her small loft space in New York, she knew just who to ask!

Bold Furniture Decorating 101

Learn how to seamlessly decorate around a bold piece of furniture.

Plantation-Inspired Bedroom Retreat

Create a relaxed, romantic and classic feel with a plantation-inspired bedroom retreat.

Get the Look: Cool Kids Space

People may tend to put more energy into decorating a little girl's room, but there are plenty of neat design touches you can bring to a boy's room. Here's how we pulled together a simple but graphic space designed for...

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