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Preschool in Retirement Home Brings Joy to Residents and Kids

The connections forged between the very young and very old are profound for both generations.

Myth Busting: Do You Really Understand How Your Brain Works?

Our brains are complex organs.Is what we've heard about our brains all wrong? Melissa Lem weighs in.

‘Senior Moment’ or Early Dementia? Online Test Tells You When to Call Doctor

Baycrest helped develop Congniciti, an online brain health test aimed at detecting early dementia and Alzheimer's

How to Fall-Proof Your Home For Aging Relatives

Most falls occur in the kitchen, on the stairs and in the bathroom. Here are some steps to make your home safer for seniors.

From Balance to Bones: Expert Tips for Aging Gracefully

From bone density to memory to chronic diseases, Dr. Danielle Martin's advice on healthy aging.

Natural Remedies for Menopause Symptoms

Natural remedies for menopause symptoms by Bryce Wylde

Aging Myths: Busted!

Think you know about aging? You may be surprised that what you believe is fact is actually myth.

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