Work With Decor Pieces You Have

Giving your space a makeover can be an expensive undertaking. But if you keep a few items and add a few new décor pieces you can achieve a whole new look without having to replace everything. Here are some of Jennifer Reid's tips on how to incorporate the new with the old, so you can breathe fresh new life to your room.


Above: Dining room table, dining room chairs, accessories, rug, pendant, Elte; art, Art Interiors

Pick a theme and stick to it! When you incorporate new items, choose a theme and ensure what you add to the space relates back to your theme.

Don't be afraid to mix it up. If you have a traditional piece you love, consider mixing it with modern pieces. You can mix modern and traditional items as long as you work within your theme.

Re-upholster an old item to make it feel new. Bringing in new décor pieces can also be achieved by giving your existing items a makeover. Re-upholstering a couch or chair can add an entire new look to your space. Consider re-upholstering when you have comfortable, durable pieces with good bones. Re-upholstering is not cheap so choose your fabric wisely.

Choose your wall colour last. Paint colour is the last choice you should make because there are hundreds of colours and shades you can choose for your space. It's easy to find a colour that will work with your décor but not necessarily easy to find décor items that will work will a preselected wall colour.