When Pressure Pays Off in the Kitchen

Along with her finger-licking rib recipe, Chef Voula Halliday shares some background on pressure cookers, what makes them so great, and how to select one for your kitchen. It all goes to show you, when it comes to cooking a little pressure can go a long way.

When Pressure Pays Off in the Kitchen

Just before WWII there were many companies in the US producing pressure cookers. With the war effort requiring any available aluminum that could be melted down to manufacture airplane parts, homemakers generously donated their cookers.

When the war ended (and the demand for pressure cookers was back) companies that were expert producers of airplane parts decided to go into the pressure cooker business. Pressure cookers were poorly designed by these companies, made on the cheap in a hurry, and, well, cookers that exploded and sprayed food all over the kitchen was the result.

Of course, this turned people off, until the 70's when young cooks rediscovered old pressure cookers in their grannies basements and started to use them again without knowing that these particular cookers weren't necessarily in good working order. That led to more explosions, and more cookers being sent to the metal graveyard.

It wasn't until recently (especially in Europe where pressure cooking is really popular) that these efficient kitchen helpers have become 100 percent safe and reliable. They are a great solution to cooking healthy food fast.

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