Tommy Smythe’s Favourite Reading Chairs

Whether you're hooked on an e-reader or prefer to cozy up to a good old-fashion book, a comfortable reading chair is a must! Here's a look at a few of designer Tommy Smythe's favourite reading chairs.

Fardos Sofa by Ricardo Fasanello, 'Go-To' Lounge Chair

Fardos Sofa by Ricardo Fasanello

Available at Avenue Road

Ricardo Fasanello's pieces are all indicative of the lifestyle in Brazil. Fascinated with leather, glass, steel and resin, Fasanello's pieces pushed the boundary of furniture design and sculpture. Design cues were also derived from his love of automobiles. His pieces are now produced in very small quantity and are highly collectable.

The "Go-To" Lounge Chair

Available at ELTE

This linen upholstered lounge chair is a timeless piece. Its clean lines and neutral colour enable you to dress it up or dress it down.

Tom Dixon Wingback, Ribbon Chair

Tom Dixon Wingback

Available at KLAUS

A modern take on the classic wingback chair. Its exaggerated proportions and black velvet upholstery create much drama.

Ribbon Chair

Available at KLAUS

The ribbon chair is welded from one piece and is the ultimate modern lounger. It offers a fabulous pop of colour and definitely makes a statement in the room. Don't be fooled by the unusual design — this chair is remarkably comfortable!

Vintage Lounge Chair, The Beaver Chair

Vintage Lounge Chair

Available at Kantelberg & Co.

This single rosewood framed art deco chair is a stylish and understated vintage gem. The detail on the legs of the chair as well as its solid construction are key to its value as a vintage design piece.

The Beaver Chair

Available at KLAUS

This one-of-a-kind handmade chair makes a statement. The beaver chair was hand-crafted in Montreal and celebrates Canadian heritage. This is the perfect chair for design lovers and collectors.

Tommy Smythe with Steven and Chris