Three Handy Gym Prep Tips

Streamline your next trip to the gym with these three Life Made Easy methods.

DIY Protein Shaker Cup

1. DIY Protein Shaker Cup


Recycled sports drink bottle
Door spring
Wire cutters

  1. Cut and stretch the door spring so that it becomes a looser coil.
  2. To sterilize the metal spring, boil in water for 15 minutes.
  3. Drop in your sports bottle and shake up your protein mix!

Three Handy Gym Prep Tips

2. Emergency I.D. Tag

  1. Print out our template here.
  2. Fill out the tag with your information and your locker combination on the back.
  3. Use contact paper from your local office supply store to create a laminated finish.

Carabiner Essentials

3. Carabiner Essentials

  1. Pick up a carabiner from your local sports or hardware store.
  2. Attach all of your gym essentials onto it! (Ideas: goggles, lock, gym pass, heart monitor, weight gloves, water bottle.