The Travel Workout


Why work out so hard in preparation for summer vacation just to let it all fall apart while you're away? We figured there had to be a way to stay on track with a really good routine for small spaces like hotel rooms.

So, we enlisted the help of Ayktah Grover, certified fitness, nutrition and wellness specialist and creator of Aura Wellness.  She creates travel workouts for her clients all the time using simple but highly effective exercises. The only equipment required is a resistance band, which can be purchased at any major sporting goods store or at places like Canadian Tire and Walmart.

Here's the workout she's designed for anyone who's serious about staying in shape while traveling:

The Travel Workout Plan

1. Push ups
Facing the ground, place your hands at chest level with hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart and feet behind you on your toes.
For the beginner version you can lower yourself on your knees with feet raised in the air. 

Keeping your neck in line with your spine (in neutral position) bend your elbows and lower yourself toward the ground maintaining a flat back and straight legs.  Do not allow your hips to sag to the ground, maintain a table top position and aim to bend your elbows to 90 degrees. 

Do 12-15 repetitions (reps).

2. Seated row with resistance band

Sit down on ground with feet extended forward, knees slightly bent, wrap band around feet twice and hold handles with palms facing each other.  Pull your elbows in towards your waist and hold for a 2 second count and then release.  Make sure to keep the back tall and shoulders relaxed.

Do 15 reps.

3. Prisoner squats
Place your fingers on your temples so your elbows face to the side.  Keeping toes pointing forward and slightly wider than hip width apart, lower down as if you were sitting in a chair, push the hips back into your heels so there is no weight on your toes and knees.  Keep the back tall and look straight ahead. 

Do 15 reps

Run on the spot for 1 minute.

5. Bicep curls with a reverse lunge
Step on to band with left foot and hold both handles of the band so palms face the ceiling.  Step back with your right leg, bringing your knee about one inch above the ground, simultaneously, keeping your elbows tucked into your waist, curl and bring your hands towards your shoulders, hold for 2 counts and then release down to starting position and return to standing position. 

Repeat for 12-15 reps on the right side then switch to the left leg.

6. Single arm tricep extension
Place band horizontally in front of you.  Step on to band with both feet and hold right handle and bring it behind your head so elbow is close to ear and palms face the ceiling.  Extend arm up without locking your elbows and then lower toward the middle of your back, again keeping your elbows close to your ear.  Maintain a tall back and keep your knees slightly bent. 

Do 12-15 reps on each side.

7. Split squat with lateral raise
Place band in front of you and step on with left foot, keeping the left knee bent and place right foot behind you at 45 degrees, hold right handle and raise the band to the side to shoulder height, keeping elbows in line with shoulders and then lower to starting position.  Keep back tall and abs tight and left hand on waist.

Do 12-15 reps each side

Jumping Jacks for 1 minute. 

Start with hands by your side and jump so you raise your arm above your head as you jump and extend your legs to the side.  Move arms and legs simultaneously.

9. Plank
Lower yourself into push up position with forearms on the floor and toes curled in.  Hold body in this position making sure that hips don't sag to the ground. Hold for 30 seconds

10. Bicycles
Lie on your back and bring right elbow to left knee, keeping right leg straight, then alternate with left elbow to right knee, keeping left leg straight.  Do not bring legs to the ground, keep them raised throughout exercise. 

Do 20 reps, alternating from left to right.

11. Lower abdominal leg raises
Lie on back and place your hands under the arch of your back with palms facing the ground to support your lower back.  Raise your legs into air, keeping them straight so your body is in "L" position.  Slowly lower your legs to the ground, keeping them about an inch above the ground.  Do not touch the ground.  Slowly raise your legs back up into air and repeat.  This exercise should be done very slowly to be effective.  Raise your legs for 4 counts then lower your legs for another 4 counts. 

Do 12 reps.

High knees for 1 minute. 

Quickly bring your right knee up in the air then the left knee switching legs rapidly and keeping knees high.  Extend your arms forward with palms facing the ground and aim to bring your knees to your palms for a challenge!

Complete entire circuit and then repeat. 

We suggest you print this workout out and put it in your suitcase with your resistance band or save it to your smart phone to access whenever you need it.

For more information on Ayktah Grover and Aura Wellness, visit her website.