Work The Natural Wood Trend

One of the hottest trends in home design is the use of natural wood accents and textures in decor. The movement to become more eco friendly has definitely pushed this trend into the design spotlight with designers embracing the use of natural wood to make spaces feel warm, chic, and extraordinary. Here designer Andrea Ford shows us how it's done.


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No longer reserved just for barns or cottages, reclaimed, natural or raw wood is appearing in floorboards, handmade shelving, planks on walls and can really blend in with any d├ęcor. The trend seems to be a rebellion against the classic and modern dark wood that has been the default "current wood" for so long.

There are three main aesthetics to this trend:


This is a natural naked wood look that lends itself to a rustic feel. You can see the grains and rough textures of the wood. Often times this kind of wood is reclaimed, meaning it could come from old buildings and city landmarks. This look is great if you need to warm up or add character to your space.

The Natural Wood Trend


These furniture pieces are natural, often salvaged and enhanced with natural oils to get a subtle stain. Furniture can have minimal metal or chrome piping and this industrial look feels at home in lofts or condos.

The Natural Wood Trend


These pieces are more traditional with curvy elements. Some pieces look like they were once painted but then stripped down to it's natural base. You can see the patina that develops over time and this look is best for transitional spaces that mix modern and traditional.

The Natural Wood Trend

When shopping the natural wood trend, look for sustainable wood products that come from ethically sourced and managed forests, You can also shop your local lumber yard or find local artisans who work with reclaimed wood pieces to get a custom look for your home.