How to Achieve the Bombshell Blowout

Big, bombshell hair is back with a vengeance and hair expert Kristjan Hayden shares how you can do it yourself!


Step 1: Towel Dry, Rough Dry, Apply Product, Section

Step one: a model's hair is sectioned off to prepare for a bombshell blowout hairstyle.

Towel Dry Tip: Squeeze instead of wringing your hair out with a towel. Throwing your hair around a towel is actually the most common mistake that leads to frizzy unmanageable hair.

Rough Dry: Use a blow dryer to get most of the moisture out. Aim to dry 90 per cent of your hair.

Apply Product: Use a volumizing product all over the hair. A great light texture adds volume and offers some hold. This type of product works for all hair types.

Section: Start on one side and work your way to the other. When you are drying the hair, start from the bottom up. Each section should be the approximate width of the brush.

Step 2: Blowdry

Step Two: blow dry the hair with a round brush. The smaller the brush, the tighter the curl.

Brush choice: For a big, bombshell blowout you should use a round brush. The smaller the brush, the tighter the curl. Larger brushes will straighten hair.

Blowdry technique: Start blow drying from the bottom up. Dry the root first for extra lift. To create tension, rock the brush back and forth then release to add body and movement.

Key final tip: When a section is dry roll up the brush and hit it with cool hair to really set the hair. This shot of cool air closes the cuticle, adds natural shine and ensures a long lasting look.

Step 3: Velcro Rollers at the Crown

Step three: use hair curlers at the crown of the head for extra volume. Apply hairspray after this.

Velcro rollers are the key for the extra volume to achieve a bombshell blowout. Choose 2" rollers for maximum volume. The smaller the roller, the more curl.

For a bombshell look, roll the hair away from the face for the illusion of more volume. Use hairspray after you roll your hair for a durable, sexy bombshell look!

Tip: Avoid the common mistake of using hairspray while your hair is in the roller because you'll see the break between the rollers in the hair.

Finish the ends with a little bit of hair oil onto the ends for a super professional polished look.