The Art of Chit Chat

Andrea Bain can chit chat with the best of them, so we invited her to share her top tips on how to master the art of conversation.

The Art of Chit Chat

Start it right

Start the conversation by asking some open-ended questions. Limit the number of hypothetical questions because you don't want to turn it into a job interview. Remember, it's a conversation not a trial or interview.

Do your homework

Read the newspaper or a magazine before a date or event. Twitter is a great way to quickly get on top of current events. Avoid bringing up the weather or traffic. If you're going to a party, know your audience.

Think tennis!

Monopolizing the conversation does not equal good conversation. The art of chit chat is like playing tennis — a nice steady back and forth.

Plan your exit

Leave when the conversation is at its height for the best impression. If you're in a boring conversation, you can get out gracefully by excusing yourself to go to the bathroom, refill your drink or grab more food.

Andrea Bain