Test Your Male Sex IQ


How much do you know about your man's sexuality? Sexologist Robin Milhausen suspects it's less than you think. Put your man IQ to the test.

  1. A sperm cartoon.At what age does the average male lose his virginity?
  2. a. 16
    b. 17
    c. 18

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  3. How often does the average man think about sex?
  4. a. every seven seconds
    b. 19 times per day
    c. 38 times per day

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  5. How much foreplay does the average man desire?
  6. a. six minutes
    b. 12 minutes
    c. 18 minutes

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  7. How many sexual partners has the average man had before age 45?
  8. a. four to six
    b. six to eight
    c. eight to 10

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  9. What percentage of men admit to having had an extramarital affair?
  10. a. 25 percent
    b. 35 percent
    c. 45 percent

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  11. Men rate intercourse as the most appealing sexual act. Which of the following comes second?
  12. a. oral sex
    b. viewing pornography
    c. watching their partner undress

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  13. What is the most common type of sexual dysfunction in men?
  14. a. low libido
    b. erectile dysfunction
    c. premature ejaculation

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  15. What percentage of men admits to faking it?
  16. a. 13 percent
    b. 28 percent
    c. 41 percent

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  17. Which of the following does NOT contribute to penis 'shrinkage'?
  18. a. cold water
    b. abdominal fat
    c. aging

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