Ted the Vet Debunks Hilarious Viral Pet Videos


We've all seen those funny pet videos that are all over the internet, but sometimes it's not clear why the pet is doing what it's doing. Ted the Vet was in our studio to get to the bottom of some hilarious viral pet videos!

Is the Cat Helping With Laundry?

Ted says: This is a great example of an owner who is playing with their cat using their cat's preferred prey preference (say that 3 times fast). Most cat play is based on their natural hunting and stalking instincts. Most will show a preference for birds (in the air or rodents (on the ground) or sometimes both. If your cat won't play with you, try to figure out what type of prey they prefer and then get toys that mimic them.

Is Your Dog Watching TV?

Ted says: Yes. He's probably obsessed with the balls, but there's a chance the owner previously reinforced this behaviour (which he does in the clip by talking to the dog and giving him attention). A lot of people think dogs cannot see images on TV but they absolutely can. My dog chases things off the side of the screen and will look behind the TV for them.

Is This Dog Excited Over His New Bed?

Ted says: That pup is very excited! It's typical weirdo puppy behaviour, don't ask me to explain it, but if you watch human two-year-olds they do some pretty unexplainable things as well!

Is this Puppy Trying to Reclaim His Bed?

Ted says: This is more fun play behaviour. You can tell the puppy is a bit nervous because I'm sure he's been smacked by the cat before. When he raises his paw it's almost like asking "does anyone want to play?" This is a common behaviour, and puppies love to play tug of war, even with a very passive participant like the cat.