5 Hot Weather Hair Tips

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No matter your hair type, preserving your tresses throughout the hot and humid summer months can and does prove challenging. Within minutes the humidity is sure to spoil that good hair day you thought you were having but don't worry — learn how to tame your mane in hot weather with these five fuss-free, heat-proof hair tips.

Summer hair
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1. Beat it in Braids

If you rock medium to long hair, a braid is an easy and stylish way to pull hair away from your face and smooth away those stubborn frizzies. Whether it's the classic French braid, the fishtail braid or the braided bun, this is one hairstyle that is sure to never fade. If you’re feeling fancy, try adorning your braid with a faux flower or a headband.

2. Balms Away

Maintaining your hair’s natural moisture barrier throughout the summer is important as drier hair tends to be more prone to frizz. Without weighing down your hair, a balm helps to seal the hair cuticle thereby preventing flyaways. If you must style your hair sleek, turn to a balm to help you maintain your hair on hot days.

3. Get Busy with Bobby

Bobby pins, that is. Truly your hair's best pal throughout summer, bobby pins are an effortless way to keep your hair in check particularly if you have a bob or a similar style. You can pin back hair in a cute half-up/half-down do or secure bangs with the ease of a push for a no-fuss hairstyle all day long. 

4. Squeeze, Please

Rubbing your head vigorously with a towel post-shower is the exact opposite of what you should be doing, especially if you want to avoid frizzy hair. The aggressive motion of towel-drying your hair tends to result in more frizz, instead try gently squeezing your ends and allow your hair to air-dry.

5. Sit Pretty in a Sunhat

If all else fails, simply default to a hat. Whether a fedora, a baseball cap or a floppy beach hat, throughout summer a hat is a no-brainer. Not only is it is practical, but it can definitely be stylish too. Your friends will be none the wiser that beneath that hand-weaved beach hat lies the stuff of their worst nightmares!

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