Starting Your Own Digital Décor Mag

We really love online décor magazines (or "shelter mags", like the kids are calling them these days) like Lonny, Rue, High Gloss, Matchbook and Covet Garden.

It's not just that they're free and full of gorgeous photography and great ideas that you can click to buy online or easily share with your friends, but that they all come with great success stories behind them.

Much in the same way that Youtube has enabled people like Justin Beiber to broadcast themselves to the world, services like are bringing out the next great editors, as people create their own online magazines for a worldwide audience.


One of our latest favorites is Adore Home, which was Australia's first online home and lifestyle magazine, launched in October 2010 by one woman: Loni Parker.

With a little help from her friends, Loni took her love of graphic and interior design and started a free online magazine that has been viewed by 83,000 people in less than a year, with readers coming from all over the world.

We caught up with Loni to ask for inspiration and advice for anyone thinking of taking their own crack at an online magazine.

1. What sparked your personal evolution from designer to magazine creator/editor?
I have been a graphic designer for the last 7 years, working at a small magazine publishing company in Brisbane. Having worked in the industry for quite some time, I'm very used to putting together magazines and knowing how everything works. I guess it wasn't a huge transition to decide to start my own magazine, one that I was completely obsessed with as I'm in love with all things interior design. I had thought about changing careers into interior design, but designing and creating this magazine has really fused my two passions together, graphic and interior design.

2. How many people make up the Adore team?

Currently it's just me! I do pretty much everything from designing the magazine, to coming up with the product pages to sourcing homes to feature. I do hire freelance photographers and writers to do the things I can't do. I'm very lucky in that some of my closest friends are actually journalists so that was easy to get friends on board to help out.
3. What makes a home a must-shoot for the magazine?
I think the homes I choose for the magazine are varied in styles and tastes because I want at least one home in the magazine to appeal to some of our readers. I also usually look for homes with great use of colour and most importantly well-thought out design. It doesn't have to be the most expensive home in the world for us to feature it, it just has to have great design and personality.

4. What are your personal favorite home items for spring/summer this year?

Anything in pretty floral prints is gorgeous in the warmer months of the year. I'm also a huge fan of the colour yellow. To me yellow is such a spring/summer colour, so anything in this bright and sunny hue gets my vote!

5. How has the digital world changed what's possible when it comes to design for you, given that we now have so much access to product and the work of editors and magazines around the world?

I think the digital world of magazines has actually made the magazine world more democratic. It gives the little businesses a chance to have their voice heard amongst the big players (the printed magazines). Because it's also more affordable than print, it really means that there will be more and more online magazines popping up which is great for the reader. There's so much choice and so much inspiration out there and usually it's for free! What's not to like about digital magazines! I think digital is definitely the way of the future.

Check out the latest issue of Adore Home now.

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