Salad Gadgets

We're all watching our waistlines these days, so why not make things a little easier on ourselves with some good-for-you gadgets that promise to make salad prep a snap!


1. Spin'n Stor

Ditch the salad spinner in favour of a Spin'n Stors for salad on the go! Plus, they're a great space saver! Argee Corporation, $12/12 bags

2. Smart Peeler

Peel to your heart's content without worrying about making a mess! It houses the peels in a side chamber for easy cleanup. Maxi-Aids, $19

3. Dressing Lid

Don't let dressing ruin your diet! The Dressing Lid measures out the perfect portion every time! Jokari, $4

4. Onion Goggles

When cut, onions release sulphuric compounds that irritate your eyes—hence the crying. Keep the tears at bay when dicing and slicing with these protective goggles! Bed, Bath & Beyond, $27

5.Juicer Pro

The best and only fruit juicer you'll ever need—or so it claims. Simply squeeze the silicone and lock the closure to store. Bonus: It keeps the seeds out of your juice as well! Jokari, $4