Running Shoe Deodorizing Tips

Running shoes seen better days? We're making your life easier with these easy and inexpensive deodorizing tips to make them last longer!

  1. Place half a dryer sheet into each running shoe overnight and by morning they'll be springtime fresh!
    Cost: Less than 10 cents a pair.
  2. If you want a more natural remedy, use some baking soda and salt. Sprinkle both into a coffee filter, tie it up, secure it with a twist tie and toss into your shoes overnight for an instant improvement!
    Cost: Pennies a pair.

  3. Wash and use an old pair of pantyhose one last time. Cut the legs out of an old pair of pantyhose, fill with kitty litter and leave them in your shoes. The kitty litter will dry the bacteria that cause the odour and the pantyhose will hold everything together.
    Cost: Pennies a pair.