Relationship Roadblocks Solved

Even the most loving relationship has its bumps in the road. Psychotherapist Hina Khan shares some of the most common issues and how you can overcome these relationship roadblocks.

Relationship Roadblocks Solved

The Need to be Right

If you're always bickering with your partner it can take its toll over time and begin to chip away at the relationship.

Solution: Decide to be happy instead of being right. Take responsibility for the way you speak to your partner. We often treat those we're closest to worse than a stranger!

Money Trouble

It's no secret that attitudes toward money can play a big part in a relationship breakdown. When things are tough financially it puts enormous stress on relationships, people feel insecure and vulnerable.

Solution: Play the need vs. want game. Make a list of five needs and five wants and prioritize them before presenting to your partner. Are you on the same page or do you have different priorities? Then, as a team, create one list that is a combination of both your needs and wants.

Family Ties

When you get married your parents may still have the same expectations of you as when you were single, such as dinner once a week, daily phone calls, or to be available to come by and fix things. But, of course when you have your own family your priority shifts, and that can be hard for them.

Solution: Implement loving boundaries with your parents, to help cut the cord and also for them to see your partner as your immediate family. Integrating both families will take time and some juggling, but can reap wonderful rewards if expectations and boundaries are clear.

Baby on Board

Having a baby is such an exciting time for a couple, but nothing can prepare you for the impact it can have on your relationship.

Solution: Ask for help. Sometimes, we don't want to ask for help because we feel we should be able to handle it. Meanwhile, you and your partner or sleep deprived and hormones are raging. Remember, this is how children were raised by a community of extended family. Consider it an investment in your relationship and sanity.

Stuck in a Rut

Over time it is not unusual for your relationship to feel routine, something like: wake up, get kids to school, work, come home, dinner, homework, TV, bed and REPEAT!

Solution: Break the routine. Be spontaneous and change things up. This gives your relationship a sense of play, which helps us all thrive.

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