Planning Your Wedding: Where to Start

Lisa L. Allain is a wedding and event planner and the owner of Visions of Platinum and Garnet. She provided adorable favors for our wedding show and so we thought we'd get some of her best advice for brides and grooms to be on where to start the enormous task of planning a wedding. Her helpful tips are below...


1. What's the best starting point for planning your wedding? 

Planning a wedding is a wonderful experience and one that brings many factors in to play.  On the initial planning meetings it is important to establish a couple's style and hopes and dreams for their wedding.

Establishing the tastes of all things from the formality or the casual feel of the event to the entertaining items of food and drink, the broad wishes are first reviewed.  Most couples have other events that they compare their desires with and from that you can design a whole host of suggestions and recommendations for locations/venues, attire, food and refreshments and entertainment, etc. at their wedding. Then appropriate vendors are visited with them as they make the choices that become perfectly suited to them. 

From there all the small details are considered and decided upon with expert planning guidance through all the stages. This is critical to a perfect wedding design that suits a couple's wishes exactly. Personalizing a wedding is of key importance as couples really want their personal touches on everything.  Standard items are no longer desirable as they once were. 

2. What are your tips for helping couples choose their colour scheme?

When it comes to choosing colours there are some shades that are more current and modern than others.  Some of the tips for having a beautiful colour scheme are:

3. What are the most popular flowers?

This year's trends are following very sleek, modern styles of flowers. Bouquets, for example are very luxurious and often in a singular colour combinations of only a few flowers.

Extremely successful florists in Europe and the U.S. have ushered styles to Canadian florists that are tending to be monochromatic, beautifully elegant and luxurious in quality.

Flowers that are being seen very often this season are ranunculus in many shades, peonies in elegant white and pinks, mums in many new shades, bold coloured orchids and sharp crespedia.

4. What's are some of the hottest wedding favors right now?

 Favors this season are simple and tasteful - gone is the crystal tchotchkes of years ago!

First, packaging the item is a major concern.  Personal details like monograms and elegant thank you tags are a wonderful touch.  Beautiful packaging sends a big message of thoughtfulness and style.

Sweet treats are popular - candy, not chocolate.  Sweet delicacies from other places are being seen as something shipped in has a great quality about it if you cannot find the item normally in your area.

Spirits like mini ice wine has the prestige factor that everyone likes.  Though not overly costly they are a treat that you normally would not get at a dinner party at someone's home.  It carries with it an appropriate sense of occasion as it should.

The customized favor box created for the Steven and Chris Wedding Show were customized high end jams in a floral box tied by a silk ribbon. This thank you token was chosen because of it's exceptional quality and lovely packaging. A beautiful and thoughtful treat for the eyes and taste buds of the guests.

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