Festive Paper Trees


Steven got his inspiration for this DIY decoration from a holiday window display he saw while out Christmas shopping!


small piece scrap wood
wooden dowel
old books
X-acto blade
1/2-in. stack paper (containing sheets of varying sizes)
metal ruler


  1. Drill hole in scrap wood the same diameter as dowel.
  2. Place dowel in hole and secure with dot of glue.
  3. Cut out pages from one or two large books.
  4. Create a small slit in the middle of each page and sheet of paper. (You can stack many pages on top of one another to complete this step quickly.)
  5. Beginning with the largest, place pages and sheets of paper onto dowel, one at a time. (This will give tree a more organic look.)
  6. Finish with topper of your choice. We used a homemade yarn ball.

Click image for source guide.