New ‘Dos for the Class of ‘72!


Dee Dagher's latest makeover was a three-for-one: University BFFs Cosette, Cheryl and Mary Jo were keen to take their looks from retired to rockin' in time for their 40th reunion. Thanks to Dee, we think they look even better now than they did back when they first met!

1. Missing Her Mojo

Dilemma: Cosette, a retired principal, wanted to bring some life back to her hair and wasn't sure what to do about her new greys.

Cosette, before and after her hair makeover.

Solution: Cosette's silvering tresses were actually in great shape! Often grey hair can be wiry, dry or coarse, but Cosette's still had great texture and blended seamlessly into the rest of her hair. In fact, the grey in her bangs acts as a natural highlight! Dee gave Cosette a textured razor cut and highlights to add dimension to her hair.

2. Who's That Girl?

Dilemma: Until recently, Cheryl worked as an IT professional, and her finger was always on the pulse and ahead of the style curve. These days, however, the former fashionista doesn't even recognize her own reflection!

Cheryl, before and after her hair makeover.

Solution: Dee removed some bulk from Cheryl's hair, using a razor to create an edgier look. Her new short 'do lends itself to a wash-and-go style; all she needs to do is warm up some styling creme and pull it through her hair and she's good to go!

3. Former Flame

Dilemma: Always known for her hair, this former redhead had faded into a strawberry blonde over the years. Mary Jo missed her red hair and was willing to dye her virgin locks to get back her fire!

Mary Jo, before and after her hair makeover.

Solution: Dee brought Mary Jo's colour back to its former glory as requested. She also reshaped her cut into an angled bob to reinforce Mary Jo's dynamic personality. Red is the hardest colour to maintain, so Dee suggested an at-home treatment (a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for red hair) once a week to prolong her colour.

Cosette, Mary Jo and Cheryl, New Year's '72.

Above: Flashback! Cosette, Mary Jo and Cheryl, New Year's '72.

A special thank you to the Ritz-Carlton, Toronto Spa for treating these three friends to a luxurious day of pampering post-makeover!