Ask S&C: Moroccan Bedroom


Moroccan-inspired decor seems to be everywhere these days, and for good reason. It appeals to a wide variety of people—from the eco-conscious shopper to the luxury-seeker. And its easy, natural look makes any space feel comfortable and inviting, while metallic accents and traditional patterns add a sumptuous feel. Here's some North African inspiration to help you spice things up in your bedroom.


Above: side tables, chair, pillows, duvet, bed frame/headboard and lamp, all Elte; sheets and woven baskets (on wall), West Elm; S&C mattress, Springwall.

moroccan_inspired_bedroom_2.jpgThis edition of Ask S&C was inspired by our viewer Tim, who wrote:

Hi Steven and Chris,

I have wanted to change my room for a while, but time and other commitments always seem to get in the way. I am not keen on the look of this space at all but I do like some of the colours happening here. I would love a change and am looking for some suggestions.

Thank you,

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