More Dirty Laundry Secrets

Our domestic diva, Sara Lynn Cauchon, is back with more of her tried-and-true tips for laundering those hard-to-wash items.



Either hand-wash with a very mild detergent or toss into a lingerie bag or pillowcase to launder. Never dry them! The high heat is tough on delicate fabrics, and underwire can easily get bent out of shape. When to wash? Every three to four wears.

Panty Hose

Place your panty hose in a pillowcase and toss it in the washing machine. Never tumble dry hose as that can ruin the elasticity. When to wash? Every wear.


Wash denim inside out in cold water to preserve its colour. And don't tumble dry! Let jeans air-dry, and they'll keep their shape longer. When to wash? Every four to five wears.

Yoga Pants

To wash, turn pants inside out. This will prevent the fabric from pilling. Don't wash with cotton fabrics as cotton attaches itself to certain yoga pants and can also cause pilling. Also, avoid the dryer and fabric softener, which can prevent technical fabrics from wicking away moisture. When to wash? If you're actually sweating in them, yoga pants should be washed after each use. If you're just lounging around, every two or three wears should suffice.

Dress Clothes

Good-quality dress clothes should be dry cleaned. To buy time between cleanings, invest in a steamer or go back to that tried-and-true deodorizer—vodka and water in a spray bottle—to refresh the fabric. When to wash? Every four to five wears.


Down jackets or vests: Always check the care label on the inside of your coat or vest and follow the directions. Some down outerwear can be washed in a machine. Wash in cold water with detergent that's specially formulated for down, then throw it in the dryer on low with two or three tennis balls to keep the feathers from bunching. When to wash? Two or three times a season.

Wool coats: Wool coats should be dry cleaned. Be sure to store your coat in a spot where the air can circulate to prevent a musty odour. When to wash? Two or three times a season.

Wool Sweaters

Ideally, you should wear an undershirt beneath a wool sweater to get more wear before laundering. Hand-wash with baby shampoo or dish soap. Once the sweater has been rinsed thoroughly, place it in a colander to allow some of the water to drain out. Then lay it flat on a clean, dry towel and roll out the water. Do this twice to remove most of the water. Lay flat on a fresh towel with a hand towel inserted inside to absorb even more moisture. Reshape sweater and allow it to air-dry. When to wash? Every two to five wears.