Major Dating Mistakes

Andrea Bain has experienced and witnessed her fair share of dating mistakes. Here she highlights the five most common blunders you should avoid.

Major Dating Mistakes

Don't tote baggage

This one is always a surprise. The person never knows the baggage they're bringing to a relationship, and will need a voice of reason to tell them the truth.

Don't cyber-stalk

Everyone's done it, but it's not sexy. Let your date reveal themselves to you. Keep the mystery alive by not snooping online.

Don't go dutch

If you've asked for the date, then you should pay. If you can't afford anything extravagant go for a coffee or even just a walk through the neighbourhood. This rule does not apply after you've had a few dates.

Don't put out

Take responsibility for your actions and don't play games. If you put out early you're being a riverboat gambler. Pay attention to your inner voice.

Don't change him

Men are who they are so don't spin your tires trying to change a guy. Don't let a man waste your pretty years.