Clever Ways to Store Your Makeup


If you have a small bathroom, too much makeup or no counter space, the following makeup organization ideas are perfect for you.


Makeup Brush Stand

DIY Makeup Brush Stand

  1. Take any glass vase or container.
  2. Fill it up with glass marbles, beads or floral beads.
  3. Stick your makeup brushes in it!

Hanging Organizer for 'Sometimes' Makeup

Hanging Organizer for 'Sometimes' Makeup

  1. Take a wall organizer or divider.
  2. Store your ‘sometimes’ makeup in it and hang on the inside of a closet door.

Lucite Wine Rack

Lucite WIne Rack for Makeup Storage

  1. For the modern and super sleek girl, purchase a wine rack. We chose this fun lucite one.
  2. Purchase cheap glasses from the dollar store.
  3. Secure the glasses with either a glue gun or crazy glue.
  4. Place your brushes, lip liners and makeup in each glass!

Makeup Magnet Board

Makeup Magnet Board

  1. Take any frame, either used or new.
  2. Paint or spray paint it a colour to match your bathroom or bedroom or wherever you store your makeup.
  3. Secure it to a magnet board with a glue gun or double-sided tape. Make sure you use a strong adhesive.
  4. Take all of your everyday makeup and glue gun magnets to each.
  5. Stick them on the magnet board and hang!