Link of the Day: 30% off at Banana Republic

One day, I was in Banana Republic, trying on a bunch of stuff I loved and everyone had a 30% off coupon for the day - except for me! Turns out it was an "e-mail only" coupon from Banana Republic that I had not signed up for!

Of course, that day I made a very nice lady in the store use her blackberry to forward me the email coupon (I'm very resourceful/shameless when it comes to a sale).

But now I use, which is one of my top 5 online shopping sites. Because it reports all major retail store and online sales and coupons, I never ever miss a sale anymore!

Which means I won't be missing the 30% off at Banana Republic tomorrow only, on a purchase of $100 or more (team up with a friend if you have to), which is today's link of the day!

I'm looking for denim, which is THE it look for Spring and they're apparently going to have some fabulous pieces.

Happy shopping!

- Jamey Ordolis, Steven and Chris' Web Wonder Woman