Lampshade Christmas Tree


Calling apartment-dwellers, allergy-sufferers and frugalistas alike! Has Tiffany Pratt got the tree for you! Introducing the lampshade Christmas tree: A DIY decoration guaranteed to be the only one of its kind on your block.


lampshades in various sizes, styles
2 1- x 1-ft. pieces MDF board
vise clamps
threaded metal rod
bolts and washers
wood shims
Mod Podge
upholstery tacks
ornaments and/or other decorations
Christmas lights


  1. Collect an odd number of lampshades in different styles, ranging in size from medium to large.
  2. Paint lampshades one uniform colour or in different shades, your choice. (Click here for tips on how to paint a lampshade.)
  3. To build the base, stack pieces of MDF and secure with vise clamps.
  4. Drill hole through centre of boards and insert metal rod. Secure with bolts from bottom of base. Remove clamps.
  5. Decorate lampshades with ornaments, glitter, fabric scraps—let your imagination go wild! Tiffany suggests cutting up wood shims and drilling holes in the top of each. Cover one side in Mod Podge, then dunk into pots of glitter. Use upholstery tacks to secure glittery shim bits onto lampshades.
  6. Stack lampshades on rod from largest to smallest to create a tree-like shape. Thread bolts and washers onto metal rod in between each shade. Wind lights around tree's "trunk" as you attach shades.
  7. Glue a bolt to bottom of your choice of topper and screw it on to the top of your "tree."