How to Decorate with “Second Life” Items

How do you add dimension and character to your space? Designer Lisa Worth suggests incorporating "second life" items into your home. Here are some ways to decorate with pre-loved pieces.

How to Decorate with Second Life Items

Sources: area rug, area rug, silk chair, chrome and white chairs, black dining chairs, resin dog sculpture, art prints, pendant light, table lamp, all from ELTE; second life items: bench, corner cabinet, dining table, desk, sconces, chandelier, all from Around the Block

Be on trend by mixing high and low

Approaching all of your living spaces with the concept of mixing high and low is very much on trend as a design concept. Inherited pieces and eccentric pieces can live together in the same space as long as they are not all screaming for attention. Use neutrals to allow the accent pieces to take centre stage. Not every piece needs to be precious.

Avoid the "staged" look that's devoid of interest

Avoid matching your furniture, and instead go for a more relaxed look that feels lived in. Don't feel pressured to buy the set, explore the ideas of blending and juxtaposition to add interest to your space.

Tip: for your dining room, consider investing more on your chairs than your table. Good quality chairs will elevate the look of your entire dining room whereas lower quality chairs run the risk of cheapening the aesthetic.

Have the right mix for tension and interest

This goes back to that old saying "you don't want too much of a good thing." You want to go for a look that feels accidental. This means achieving a theme without getting too themey. Don't be afraid to take risks and play around with options until it feels right. Throw in a bit of the unexpected. Get out of your comfort zone!

How to Decorate with Second Life Items