Hourglass Figure Workout

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A classic feminine figure is finally back in style. Today we learned three great exercises to build an hourglass shape with the queen of hourglass figures herself, Lyzabeth Lopez!

Hourglass Figure Workout with Lyzabeth Lopez

It’s great to see more hourglass figures on the red carpet. Hollywood finally seems to be making its way back to embracing feminine curves! Celebrities like Christina Hendricks, Jennifer Lopez and Oprah are great ambassadors for the hourglass figure. Many women will never be stick thin because of their genetics, so now is a great time to really embrace and love what your mama gave you!

Below are three of Lyzabeth’s favourite hourglass building exercises.

Equipment You’ll Need:

Step One: Shoulders

Side to Front Shoulder Raises with 10 lb dumbbells
  1. Start with feet shoulder width apart, shoulders back, chest up, dumbbells at your side
  2. Raise dumbbells to the side, then, keeping them parallel to the floor, bring them to the front, then lower them down to sit on your thighs. /li>
  3. Raise the dumbbells back up, parallel to the floor, keeping them parallel to the floor, bring them to the sides and them back down at your sides. /li>
  4. Repeat this exercise for 10 repetitions.

Most people don’t consider shoulders to be part of an hourglass figure, but they’re essential into building that sexy shape! Toned and rounded shoulders will actually help to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. By having rounded shoulders your waist will automatically look smaller, creating that hourglass visual.

Step Two:  Abs

Gliding disc push up running tabata
  1. Start with either your hands or elbows/forearms on the floor in a plank position with the gliding discs placed under each foot.
  2. Keep your bum down and your abs in to create a safe plank posture
  3. Begin a running motion of bringing your knee to your chest in an alternating motion.
  4. As you do this keep your abs pulled in and try not to let your bum raise.
  5. Repeat for 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds.

The biggest mistake most people make when it comes to abs is they do moves that build muscle and bulk on the sides, leaving you with a boxy figure. These running tabata’s will help you to tone your tummy while lengthening the muscles, resulting in a tiny and trim waist.

Step Three: Glutes

Ankle weighted heel raises
  1. Start on a mat with ankle weights attached to the ankle of the working leg.
  2. Your position is to be on your hands and knees in a table top position.
  3. Exhale as you drive your heel up towards the ceiling flexing your glute at the top of the movement, then lower back to start position<
  4. Repeat this movement for a total of 30 reps per leg with a light weight or no weight. If you are able to use a heavier weight (example 10lbs), then complete 12-15 reps per set.
  5. Working each leg once is one set. Compete 3-4 sets total.

Try to go heavy on these ankle weights if you can! We all know that Brazil is known for its beautiful women and their beautiful behinds. What you don’t know is that those ladies do this move with 20 lbs ankle weights on each leg! Use the goal of a Brazilian booty as motivation to go heavy when selecting your weights.