Home Reno Budgeting with Scott McGillivray

Deciding where to spend and where to save when you're conquering a home renovation can be a difficult process. We asked Income Property's Scott McGillivray for his expert advise on what he thinks is worth splurging on and when it's wise to be frugal.

Custom Kitchen

Spend or Save: Custom Kitchen

Save! Scott says save your money and go with big box kitchen solutions. You don't need to go custom to get a great look! Kitchens have become a very important room in the home, practically taking over the first floor of many homes as the idea of a "great room" has gained popularity.

Glass Shower

Spend or Save: Glass Shower Door
Photo: RTR Media Inc.

Spend! Scott says the look of a glass shower door is cleaner than any other option and can prevent water damage that may occur with shower curtains.

New Flooring

Spend or Save: New Flooring

Spend! One of the most common features in a home resale listing is 'hardwood floors throughout,' so Scott suggests investing in hardwood or engineered flooring throughout your home. Be sure to use the same wood throughout the home for a cohesive look.

House Exterior

Spend or Save: House Exterior

Scott says save on landscaping, but splurge on high-quality and professionally installed interlock stone. Hire professionals to tackle the hardscaping of your exterior, as you don't want to do this work twice!

Scott McGillivray with Steven and Chris