Home Office Organization

A messy desk in an office adds to mental clutter and can lead to a loss of productivity. If you're swimming in a sea of bills, file folders, papers, cords and office supplies, it's time you re-organize your desk with Melissa Coghlan's five easy steps. Just look at the difference it makes in the example below.

Home Office Organization

Above: desk, bookshelf, printer locker, rug, lights, wall frames, IKEA; storage cubes, office chairs, Bouclair; throw, West Elm; pillow, Pottery Barn; books, bowl, photo frames, candle, "M", knobs, Anthropologie; office supplies and organizers, Staples; baskets, lamp, HomeSense; decorative paper, The Paper Place; paint (Green Ground), Farrow and Ball

Add Storage Ottomans

If you need an organized home for your files, think about using storage ottomans. They're an inexpensive alternative to filing cabinets and look cute to boot. Install a track and label coloured files folders accordingly. This makes sorting easy and keeps file folders accessible.

Use A Printer Locker

Don't clutter your desk with things you don't use every day. Place heavy and big ticket items like a printer and scanner under the desk. Putting these on a cart with wheels means they're within reach but won't take up too much room on your desk. With a storage locker you can also close the door when these items are not in use, which keeps everything neat and tidy.

Cord Storage

Try not to clutter up your desk surface with cords. Think about investing in cordless computer accessories as this will cut down on cord overload. And make some room in a drawer for the overflow of cords you don't use everyday. Just coil them up and use bread label tags so you can grab what you need when you need to use it. If you have a lot of cords but don't want to leave them plugged into a power bar every day, the bread label trick works well -- if you need to unplug something you aren't tugging and pulling at each cord until you find the right one.

Home Office Organization

Think About Desk Organization

  1. Mail Sorting: In and out trays keep bills easy to see and help keep you on track.
  2. Drawer Organization: Use small storage dividers with labels for pins, paper clips, etc.
  3. Pen and Pencil Cups: Pretty self-explanatory, store your pencils, pens, markers, and pencil crayons neatly.
  4. Essentials Tray: Keep scissors, tape, stapler and other essentials you reach for everyday visible and on hand.

Make Use of Wall Space With Pin Board and Calendar

A dry erase board is great for reminders and planning ahead, and a simple framed cork board is perfect for inspiration and organization. Any notes, photos or business cards you need to access on a regular basis can live here.

Melissa Coghlan