Home Office Helpers

Keeping your home office well-organized can be a big challenge. The key to a clean workspace is to target the three main clutter zones. Here's how:

A cluttered desk drawer and an organized desk drawer.

1. Desk-Drawer Disarray

Here's a great tip for taking control of your junk drawer: Dump its contents into a box. Take the opportunity to put a great tray organizer or other storage containers in place, and for one month, move items back into the drawer only as you need them. Toss or file away what you haven't used at the end of the month. Supplies: Rationell flatware tray ($15, Ikea); Really Usefull mini-boxes ($1 ea., at Staples); Martha Stewart Home Office With Avery Stack + Fit Shagreen boxes ($3 ea., at Staples).

2. Paper Clutter

Home offices often fall prey to household paper clutter. Nip it in the bud by creating dedicated family files. Give each member of the family their own file—plus one for the house itself—and store important documents in resealable plastic bags. Further reduce paper clutter by scanning miscellaneous items, such as business cards and receipts, and shredding old documents and credit cards. Supplies: Storex portable file box ($23, at Staples); coloured file folders ($18 for 50-pack, Staples); Martha Stewart Home Office With Avery file labels ($3 for 168-pack, at Staples); Omnitech cross-cut shredder ($40, at Staples); NeatDesk desktop scanner ($449, at Staples).

3. Cord Craziness

Excess cords can be a real headache! You can never find the ones you need when you need them, and they inevitably always form a big tangled mess. Cut through the cord clutter with specialty gadgets designed for the job. Supplies: two-sided cord pouch ($25, greatusefulstuff.com); cord box ($30, greatusefulstuff.com).