Holiday Party Invites


No holiday party is complete without an invitation, so we've cooked up a creative way to invite your friends and family to join you this season.

Holiday Party Invites


Card stock paper
Colourful paper
A printer/computer
Clear ornaments (found at local craft store)
Utility knife, cutting mat
Box: Card stock, cellophane, glue gun

1. On your computer, make a document of all of your party information. Make sure that they are in sentences alone and separated a bit.

2. Cut the sentences with a utility knife to make strips. Curl the pieces with a pencil.

3. Fill your ornament with the curls. Finish with a ribbon and a gift tag that instructs your party goers to find out the details inside!

For the box: Download the template (box, box lid), cut out along the solid lines, and secure with a glue gun or tape.