Great Gadgets: Fab Fitness Edition

Today, Steven and Chris shared some of the latest and greatest fitness gadgets on the market...

Perfect Fit Weighted Vest - $39.97


The PERFECT FIT WEIGHTED VEST is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of your usual cardio routine. Adding ten pounds, the vest allows you to burn more calories while improving endurance and strength.

Perfect Situp - $119.97


The PERFECT SITUP was designed to perfect the situp. It combines an upper ab crunch with lower ab resistance for faster results.

The Ultimate Total-Body Workout - $49.97


The ULTIMATE TOTAL-BODY WORKOUT is a three piece workout system that targets your arms, chest and abs. The system includes:

Body Break Mini Twister Stepper - $89.97


The MINI TWISTER STEPPER is a compact utility to help build strength, improve cardio and burn fat at home. The simple design targets your legs and bum.

Tower 200 - $149.00


The TOWER 200 claims to support more than 200 different strength building exercises. With the TOWER 200, all you need is a door to get a total body sculpting workout.

Ab Circle Pro - $199.97


The AB CIRCLE PRO is essentially a treadmill for your abs! It targets your upper, middle and lower abs as well as your obliques. It also provides a cardio workout. Say goodbye to your love handles!

All gadgets available at Wal-Mart.