Good, Better, Best: Vanity

No matter how big or small, every bathroom has two constants-a toilet and a vanity. By focusing on your vanity wall you can create more interest. Here are three different ways to address your vanity.


1. Clean and Classic Vanity.

Choose something that will not only stand up to wear and tear, but work with a number of design styles if you ever wish to change the look the of your bathroom. For the backdrop be sure to choose a durable paint specifically a kitchen and bath paint that will be mildew and mold resistant with a surface guard for greater washability, and stain resistance. Pair with a large simple, clean mirror and practical lighting. Add a simple towel bar and crisp white towels and you have created a good vanity wall.


2. Wallpaper makes the space impressive

The addition of wallpaper will make any space more impressive. Again make sure to choose a paper that can stand up to splashes and humidity. Changing out the mirror for a new mirror that has more style can add great personality to your wall. Frame the space with two simple but elegant sconces that will add more sparkle to the room. Adding a colored towel and layering in more accessories and artwork also creates more personality and makes your vanity wall better.


3.Extra storage

Build outward and add special touches such as a side table and chair. The table can serve as another source of storage and a chair can fill in an awkward space. Personalize the space even more by adding a monogrammed towel, a chandelier and some fresh flowers. Now your vanity wall is the best it can be.

Pictured: vanity, both mirrors, sconces and accessories, Taps; Jewel, pearl/silver, Graham and Brown; 4 light rectangular loop lantern, Union Lighting; towels and accessories, HomeSense; mongramming, Stitchy Lizard; Asten Collection Chrome 3-Light Bath bar, Home Depot; side table, Elte; King Side Chair, Modern Furniture Knockoff; towel bar, Canadian Tire