Golden Crafts


Two simple yet stunning DIYs worth their weight in—well, gold!

Gold Leaf Bowl

An inexpensive wood salad bowl transforms into a luxurious gold vessel with a little gold leaf.

DIY gold leaf salad bowl.

drill and drill bit
wood salad bowl
soft paint brush
flat black paint or chalkboard paint
gilding size
artificial gold leaf


  1. Using the drill, make shallow and random indentations all around outside of salad bowl.
  2. Paint outside of bowl with flat black paint. (If using chalkboard paint, rub white chalk over dry paint for added dimension and texture.)
  3. Carefully coat inside of bowl in gilding size. (The gold leaf will stick anywhere and everywhere size has been applied so precision is key.) Allow to dry until tacky to the touch.
  4. Carefully lay gold leaf, sheet by sheet, until it covers entire inside of bowl.
  5. Brush away any excess.

Gold-Lace Tray

Gold accessories don't always have to be traditional. Here, we take a contemporary raw-wood tray and add a subtle gold accent to create a look that's anything but old-fashioned.

DIY gold-lace tray.

wood tray
painter's tape
gold spray paint
spray glue


  1. Use painter's tape to mask off interior walls of tray.
  2. Measure out a small 1/2-in. border around bed of tray and tape off.
  3. Paint gold border around tray within taped-off area. Once dry, remove tape from interior of tray bed only.
  4. Cut lace to approximately same size as tray bed.
  5. Spray-glue lace and lay it down in tray; press down firmly.
  6. Apply light layer of spray paint over lace in even strokes.
  7. Peel away lace and painter's tape.