Gin Basil Sorbet Using Liquid Nitrogen

Gin Basil Sorbet Using Liquid Nitrogen


Our mixologist Simon Ho makes a delicious gin basil sorbet, but there is a science to it – liquid nitrogen! Take a look at how Simon turns a cocktail into a sorbet.


2 parts gin
1 part fresh lemon juice
1 part basil black pepper syrup*
Liquid Nitrogen

*Basil Black Pepper Syrup:

A bunch of basil
6-10 whole black pepper corns
2parts sugar to 1 part water
Simmered in a pot until sugar is dissolved


1. In a stainless steal bowl, add gin, lemon juice and basil black pepper syrup. Stir.

2. Safely using gloves and safety goggles, slowly pour the liquid nitrogen into the bowl while quickly whisking.

3. Whisk until you have a sorbet consistency.

4. Serve and impress your guests!

Gin Basil Sorbet