Gift Wrap Galore


Different gifts demand different gift wrap, and here at Steven and Chris, we always aim for the extraordinary! Here are some creative wrappers for three common gift-giving occasions.

Three creative gift wrap ideas.

Snack-Time Birthday Wraps

This is just good, old-fashioned fun. Wrap each individual box in printed images of your favourite sandwich fixings for a gift that looks good enough to eat!

gift boxes
computer paper


  1. Print your choice of sandwich fixings onto computer paper. Here are some of our favourites: bacon, bread, sesame bun, cheese, hamburger, lettuce and tomato. For bigger boxes, you may have to go to your local printer to get large-format sheets made.
  2. Wrap each box in a different ingredient.
  3. Stack wrapped gift boxes one on top of each other to create your made-to-order "sandwich"; secure with string. (Try not to take a bite on the way to the party!)

Crazy-Crayon Kids' Wrappers

These kid-friendly gift wrap ideas are perfect for the budding artiste: One comes complete with craft supplies, while the other is a work of art in itself!

hot glue
gift box
various crafting supplies (Option 1)
colourful construction paper (Option 1)
hair dryer (Option 2)


  1. Glue crayons in a rainbow pattern around entire box.
  2. Place construction paper on top of box and secure it with a dot of hot glue.
  3. Use various crafting supplies to create a bow of sorts; keep it casual and loose.
  4. Alternatively, glue crayons, pointy-end down, side by side in a rainbow pattern around top of box. Heat crayons with hair dryer so that colourful wax drips down sides of box in a fantastic abstract pattern.

Formal Feminine Fabric Wrapping

This is a great alternative to paper gift wrap. Faux silk gives a simple gift box instant elegance!

gift box
faux silk
elegant topper (e.g. faux flowers, brooch, etc.)


  1. Cut a small X-shaped slit in top of gift box. (For larger boxes, cut a larger X.)
  2. Centre box on top of fabric.
  3. Bring fabric up around top of box and tuck it into slit.
  4. Cover top of box with decorative flowers or brooch.