Foodie Gifts Made Easy

Foodie Gifts Made Easy


Chef Joshna Maharaj says the best way to share some love is to encourage friends to create delicious meals with their family and friends. Here she shares three of her favourite gifts for food lovers, and she only had to make two stops: the grocery store and Canadian Tire.

Foodie Gifts Made Easy

1. Bundle of Kitchen Utensils

  • Pick your favourite kitchen essentials or fun new gadgets.
  • Theme the bundle in one or two colours.
  • Bundle the gift with pretty kitchen towels, oven mitts and a big bow.

2. Basket of Gourmet Pantry Items

  • Joshna calls this her "starter kit for delicious cooking."
  • Pick splurge items that someone may not normally purchase.
  • Examples include beautiful bottles of olive oil, vinegar, honey, mustard and interesting spices such as flavoured salts and gourmet spice blends.
  • Package in a fun container, such as a bamboo steamer with a cute apron.
  • Decorate with festive ribbon.

3. Lasagna Pan with Ingredients and a Recipe

  • A beautiful, durable pan is something any cook will love.
  • Fill the lasagna pan with your favourite lasagna recipe, and the main dry ingredients to prepare it: a jar of tomato sauce, big wedge of parmesan cheese, pretty bag of lasagna noodles and any spices the recipe calls for.