Hot New Decor Trends You’ll Fall For This Season

Welcome the new season with adding a few cozy elements to you room. Designer Trish Johnston shows us her top picks for fall decor.

Fall trend room: raw wood console, white gloss stump, eggplant gloss stump, brass bench, burlap bench, hide rug, leather chair, over-dyed rug, striped rug, ELTE; bone boxes, tusk table lamp, brass table lamp, iron base floor lamp, west elm; leaning wood art, twig floor lamp, cow art, white mohair footstool, organic hides, baskets, plaid chair, poufs, footstool, HomeSense

Organic Materials

Wood and bones are all organic materials that go great as accents in your home.

This trend is all about the 'found' object and the best part is you don't need to search the woods to bring this into your home. Organic materials are great accent pieces in any space.


The metal of the fall 2014 season is good brass!

Warm metals are more popular than ever this season. Brass adds an element of glamour to your space and it doesn't necessarily need to be as large as this bench; you can this metal to your home with something as small as a lamp. 

Natural Textures

Natural textures in decor are not just for fall, but go great for every season!

Trish loves natural textures and makes sure to use it in all her spaces, no matter what the season. Without going over-the-top, this trend adds layers to your rooms with its details.

Classic Patterns

Adding classic patterns to your room creates the illusion of a filled space.

Classic patterns are a great way of adding a punch of colour to your space. Prints such as stripes or plaid help make a room feel full but is still a neutral choice.