3 Easy Hair Up-Dos Inspired By Celebrities

Hair expert Justin German has simple tricks to help you recreate great celebrity red carpet hairstyles! From daytime to nighttime to daytime again, these three up-dos transition effortlessly for any occasion.

Messy Top Knot


Inspired by Jennifer Love Hewitt, Justin German recommends this hairstyle to prevent that next-day frizz so many women have.

Tip: Long hair works best for this look.

Classic Chignon


The chignon has been around for ages but it stays timeless. This sleek look is inspired by Margot Robbie and can be worn during the day or night.

Textured Sexy Ponytail


Rihanna’s hair proves that even a messy ponytail can look great. Justin recommends wrapping a piece of hair around the elastic band to elevate the look.

Tip: Great for women with naturally curly hair.