DIY Sewing Project No. 1 - Alice in Wonderland Pillow

When I joined the boys to present my favorite custom decorating sites, I had so much great custom fabric from that I couldn't possibly let it go to waste.

So we enlisted seamstress and crafter extraordinaire, Dayna Winter, to create five fabulous DIY sewing projects to share with you.

The first is this gorgeous Alice in Wonderland pillow, made from the Alice in Wonderland Vintage collection on I just LOVE it!

- Jamey 

Monday 097.jpg   Monday 098.jpg



  • 18 inch square pillow form
  • 2 Fat Quarter (21" x 18") pieces of Alice in Wonderland Vintage collection from Cut fabric to same dimensions as finished pillow so that the form fits snugly into in the casing.
  • 1 package piping in desired color. Measure all the way around the pillow to determine if you have enough.
  • Tracing paper to help cut your fabric. It will allow you to make sure your design is positioned the way you want it to be.
  • Triangle ruler for creating right angles
  • Pinking shears for to finish inside edges and prevent them from fraying.


Step 1: Use the tracing paper to select the portion of the fabric you want to use. Drawing two axes will help you centre the image.


Step 2: Pin the tracing paper to the fabric


Step 3:
Cut the fabric using normal shears. Repeat for the second piece of fabric.


Step 4: Pin the piping along the image side of the fabric. Use one length of piping  for the entire pillow and make sure the ends align with the outside cut edge of the fabric. Cut the piping and overlap at the place where both ends meet.


Step 5: Pin the zipper to the outside edge of one of the sides of the pillow.


Step 6: Using a straight stitch and the zipper foot, sew the piping and the zipper to the image side of the fabric. Try to get as close to the piping as possible.


Step 7: Once the piping and zipper are sewn to the first piece of fabric, match it up to the second piece, with the images facing eachother.


Step 8: Sew all the way around.


Step 9: Press seams on the inside.


Step 10: Trim seam allowance with pinking shears.


Step 11: Turn inside out.



Step 12: Insert pillow form.


Check back tomorrow for our DIY Sewing Project No. 2 - Placemats!

And check out Dayna's blog at and her line of handcrafted apparel and accessories for dogs at her Etsy store, Dudley & Bea.