DIY Coloured Glass Bottles

Joel Bray always manages to make a big impact on a small budget—and this DIY is no exception. All you need are some recycled glass bottles and your favourite paint color!


clear glass bottles of various sizes and heights
syringe or measuring cup
your choice of paint
white paint (optional)

  1. Collect clear glass bottles of various sizes and heights.
  2. Remove all labels from bottles; clean and dry completely. (If bottles are wet, paint will dry a bit streaky.)
  3. Using either a syringe or measuring cup, pour a generous amount of paint in your chosen colour into a bottle, then slowly rotate the bottle to completely coat the inside.
  4. To create a series of bottles that fade from light to dark, start with your chosen paint colour and add white to obtain a lighter shade. Continue to add more and more white to create lighter and lighter shades. (The measurements on the side of your syringe or measuring cup will come in handy to determine the proportion of white to coloured paint.)
  5. Allow to dry and you're done! Arrange in small groupings on a side table or, for real impact, display in bulk on shelves, arranged from dark to light (as above).