DIY Magazine Gift Bows

Before you throw out that pile of old magazines, check out how easy it is to upcycle them into unique and colourful gift bows.



Each page will make at least one bow. Download the bow template.

  1. Cut the page into eight 3/4" strips (three full length strips, two strips an inch shorter, two strips an inch shorter than that, and one strip at 3 1/2").
  2. Bend the paper into figure eights. Think of this step like you're making a breast cancer ribbon. Bend the paper into itself on both sides.
  3. Staple or use double sided tape to hold the figure eight shape.
  4. Make the smallest strip into a circle and fasten.
  5. Stack the figure eights from largest to smallest. Use double sided tape to fasten. The circle strip should be placed in the center.
  6. Voila! You've created your own magazine bow.