DIY Hardware Store Jewelry

If you love the look of handmade and industrial jewelry, look no further than your hardware store! Our Frugalista Amrita made a dozen cool pieces of jewelry for only $13 using supplies found in the hardware aisle. These projects are easy,inexpensive and will especially appeal to teen girls.


DIY Hardware Store Rings

Make some super cute rings from supplies found at the hardware store!

Trend tip: It's all about the midi ring so be sure to try a design a few to add to your assortment. 

You'll need

Check out this tutorial on YouTube.


DIY Hardware Store Bracelets

Get creative and make some industrial style bracelets with some simple supplies. Take a stroll through the aisles of your hardware store for supplies and start experimenting!

1. Ball Chain with “S” hook

If your first or last name begins with an “S” this is a cool idea. Loop a ball chain around your wrist and use an “S” hook as the fastener.

2. Jute and Hex Nuts

Braid an inch of jute and then string a hex nut on every outside strand as you continue to braid. You can use leather string in place of jute, but you’ll probably have to find that at a craft store as opposed to a hardware store. All in all a pretty cool piece to add to your arm party.

Check out this tutorial.

3. Leather & Metal

This couldn’t be easier; all that’s required is a little bit of patience and strong fingertips. Take a leather shoelace, measure it around your wrist and add an extra inch. Tie a tight knot at one end of the string. Lay ball chain on the string and secure it by continually wrapping gauge wire down the length of the bracelet. Create a tight loop with extra gauge wire at one end. This loop should fit snugly over the knot at the opposite end.


DIY Hardware Store Necklaces

Scope out the hardware aisle and you’ll find many interesting things that could work as necklace pendants or features.

Try these! (From left to right)

1. Painted Washer Necklace

Use nail polish to paint and decorate large washers. String the washers on an existing chain. You can also attach the washers together in a pattern with some gauge wire.

2. Ball Chain Pendant

Pick up a galvanized nipple (seriously!) and string it onto a ball chain with fastener. Again, both of these things are easily found at the hardware store!

3. Chevron String

Buy some L-brackets (all the same size) and string them onto a piece of leather cord. Tie the cord at each end to secure the brackets and you’re done! Look here for a great step-by-step tutorial.