DIY Geometric “Concrete” Planter


Take your plants to another level with a modern geometric planter!


Materials Needed

Step #1: Make the Shape

  1. Print the geometric template on any size paper (we used legal size)
  2. Cut out template and glue to Bristol board
  3. Make slits on the dotted lines
  4. Fold each angle using a metal ruler to give it crisp edges. It’s important to have strong folds because it defines your planter’s shape. Once you've folded your entire shape, you will be left with a polyhedron.
  5. Wrap each of the seams with packing tape. Be generous; don't worry about how it looks.

Step #2: Pour Plaster

  1. Cover the inside with liquid latex and let dry before pouring in plaster of Paris
  2. Mix your plaster as instructed on packaging. If your plaster is on the watery side, it will help fill all the nooks and crannies of the shape.
  3. Pour in a couple inches and give that a couple minutes to partially set (will thicken up).
  4. Pop in a small glass vessel or plastic cup coated in cooking oil. You can weigh it down with rice or rocks.
  5. Pour in the rest of your plaster right to the top and let it set.
  6. Once dry, peel off the paper and rubber latex.
  7. Place in the oven at 200 F for a couple hours for it to set by heat. You’ll know the plaster of Paris is dry once it is no longer cold to the touch.
  8. Sand down rough edges with sand paper.

Step #3: Decorating

The “concrete” look on its own is fabulous but to give it more edge, why not style it with gold leaf or paint?

Once your planter has reached its desired look, add a plant with soil. Don’t forget to water it!