DIY Family Organizer

Joel Bray kicks a classic DIY—the bulletin board—up a notch by transforming it into a cheap yet chic family organizer sure to bring order to your household chaos.


Above: all Ikea.


old frame
leftover paint or sample pot
ceiling tile
leftover or inexpensive fabric, about 1 m
utility knife
ribbon (optional)
hem tape (optional)
upholstery tacks (optional)


  1. Remove existing art (if any) and paint out frame.
  2. Measure frame area. Cut ceiling tile slightly larger than frame's interior.
  3. Lay out chosen fabric over ceiling tile. Fold and iron horizontal pleats into fabric to create storage pockets. If you like, use ribbon to trim pockets. Adhere ribbon to fabric with hem tape.
  4. Flip fabric facedown on a flat surface and place ceiling tile on top. Fold fabric around tile. Pull tight and staple around edges.
  5. Staple ceiling tile to back of the frame.
  6. Trim with ribbon, if desired. Insert upholstery tacks, if using, into each of the four corners as well as the top corners of each pocket.
  7. Hang on wall as you would a picture.